Bob and Lucky
At homeShared joy & pain

Lucky came into my life in February of 2003. I was getting new tires on my 1992 Ford Tempo (and a good thing – a week later, they probably saved my life, when I had the accident that resulted in changing careers and going back to college to be a social worker). It was unseasonably warm, and I was hanging out in front of the tire shop with the owner. I only half paid attention when he yelled something at the street, where someone passing had just thrown a bag of trash out of their car at 35 miles per

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At workIn the worldSocial justice

I stuck my neck out not too long ago on the Sad Puppy debate, and got some criticism. Some people criticized my use of a psychological frame for what they saw as a social justice debate, others had trouble distinguishing between my identification of common psychological tropes evident in public actions of people involved in the debate with diagnosis of those people. I have addressed these issues privately with those involved, and will probably write a post about the importance of understanding underlying psychological issues to social justice arguments in the future. My website is now set to having comment

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hugo sad puppies rabid puppies
Books and book reviewsIn the worldPolitics and political scienceShared joy & pain

The State of the Puppies Up to Now For those of you not familiar with the current controversy about the Hugo Award in Science Fiction, go here, here, and here to read up on what is happening. I do have skin in the game. I am a Worldcon supporting member, and I have long standing friendships and correspondences with several authors and editors and artists in science fiction. I am also a feminist, an anti-racist ally, an LGBTQ ally, and overall what the Hugo Sad Puppies would call a “SJW” (social justice warrior, meant as a pejorative when they say

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Before remodeling spring 2015
At homeBudgeting

Okay, so my house has spots and saggy bits, as I’ve said before. It’s remodeling time. Last week a guy came by to measure up the house and give us an estimate on new siding, windows, soffit and fascia, and maybe even insulation in the attic (Ouch! That sticker price was high). This week, Husband and I are heading to the bank for a talk with our friendly local bank (big banks are evil!!!!) about a consolidation/home improvement loan in order to get that done and reduce our credit card debt and bring the payments down. It’s not ideal (we would

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candles for Mason Atagi and Dylan Thompson
Shared joy & pain

I live in Independence MO, which is an unusual town in many respects. It is overshadowed in terms of size by Kansas City to the west, but Independence is the older city, and the county seat. It is the first home of the Latter Day Saints before they moved west, and when they left they left the Community of Christ, an offshoot of the LDS church, to form their own religious center here. Both churches firmly believe that Independence is the literal paradise the Bible promises, which many find ironic due to the severe methamphetamine epidemic that swept through here

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personal is political
Of mind & bodyPoliticsQuestioning

“Questioning” (“Participating”, “Noodling”) is a regular feature of this website asking a question, inviting people to participate in an experience, positing an idea, or in some other way encouraging people to “join the dance”. I’ve done this in the past as well. I highly encourage you to pass this around to your friends and family and get the conversation started. How “the personal is political” applies to me: Unlike most of my extended family, both biological and through marriage, I am an unabashed liberal, feminist, anti-racist, pro marriage equality advocate for poverty elimination and the rule of law. My mother was

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