candles for Mason Atagi and Dylan Thompson
Shared joy & pain

I live in Independence MO, which is an unusual town in many respects. It is overshadowed in terms of size by Kansas City to the west, but Independence is the older city, and the county seat. It is the first

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personal is political
Of mind & bodyPoliticsQuestioning

“Questioning” (“Participating”, “Noodling”) is a regular feature of this website asking a question, inviting people to participate in an experience, positing an idea, or in some other way encouraging people to “join the dance”. I’ve done this in the past as

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social justice "listen to the voiceless" on a wall
In the worldSocial justice

From Wikipedia: Kyriarchy is a social system or set of connecting social systems built around domination, oppression, and submission. I’ve made a very personal and very uncomfortable decision this year: No matter what the cost, this year I will use

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venn of child molesters
In the world

What Do You Mean, We Have Child Molesters Among Us? A community I’ve belonged to for a couple of decades was rocked this week by discovering that a very active member has recently been arrested for distributing child pornography, and

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neglected home garden

As you can see from the photos, my poor neglected home garden needs a lot of work. As a partial explanation, I have had multiple issues with back and neck over the last couple of years, and my husband has

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