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Rise Up I think our Senators and Representatives are becoming aware that the protests are balancing on the knife’s edge between the Boston Tea Party and The October March to Versailles. And we don’t have either Hamilton *or* Jefferson. The country might fall to the fishwives. Guys, when I said that most revolutions fail because they throw the baby out with the bath water, I was thinking specifically of the contrast between the American and French revolutions. Compare and contrast John Adams’ defense of the soldiers responsible for the Boston Massacre and Robespierre’s Reign of Terror.   At this point I have no doubt we’re seeing the end of the GOP. Unfortunately, I think that if we’re not careful, we’ll see the end of the Democrats as well, and the Constitution.   It’s easy for violence and retribution to become when we’re afraid, but we have to keep the long game in mind. What’s good for us, our family, our community, our country, all humankind, the planet, and the Universe. Nested one within another, none is more important than any of the others, and thus pieces of intersectionality begin to be formed.   Don’t become what you hate and fear

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What is the Injustice Boycott? Shaun King released the details of the Injustice Boycott yesterday, as part of ongoing actions to resist injustices in the Trump administration, and the three situations that he thinks are important and have significant opportunities for change are things I also strongly believe in. I only have the opportunity to share one of the actions, however, because I have long since moved all of my money out of large banks and into a local bank that I am quite pleased with. That leaves me with the task of sharing information about the boycotts on social media. What are the Specific Actions? The locations for each action are New York, San Francisco, and Standing Rock. The theme of all three is inappropriate criminal justice and/or police action. The actions include raising awareness on social media and divesting of all banking transactions with a short list of very large banks after a brief time for the governments of the affected areas to respond. It is interesting to me that King targeted the banks rather than proposing marches and rallies and boycotts against tourism in the various places. This suggests that he understands who is holding the purse

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Those who have known me for any length of time know that since about 2006, knitting has been a huge part of my self-identity and a regular recharging activity for me in between building my business, doing social justice work, and writing and playing video games. Knitting after the Trumpocalypse Since the Trumpocalypse of November 8, 2016, I can’t knit. I can try, but ten minutes or so in, I’m done.  I’m prone to self-reflection, so I’ve thought about this a lot. I don’t have the words for the feeling I get when I think about knitting, but “dread” comes close. And I’m not sure I understand why. Knitting has a long history of being a radical act. Women (predominantly) who knit have been at the forefront of women’s rights movements, civil rights movements, and other radical movements. So I should be more motivated, not less, right? To be (overly) fair to Trump, it’s not like he grabbed my knitting. He didn’t. And Trump isn’t the only factor. But his election definitely broke the camel’s back. I look at the socks I’ve been frogging and re-knitting since summer and shake my head. The gift blanket that was supposed to be

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We Northern Hemisphere folks spend a lot of time indoors in January, especially those of us where snow is expected at least a few times in the month. People with seasonal depression are also affected by the “indoor-ness” of their lives at this time of the year. And this is even worse if the person’s home base or “nest” is not to their liking. Also, post winter holiday financial blues can make it tough to redecorate the nest. To help, here’s some ideas for quick and cheap or free fixes for your nest. Sight: • No more clutter. Go through your favorite nesting room and throw out or put away things that are just making the room look dusty or cluttered. Optional: Buy or repurpose storage boxes, either ones fit for display, or those that need to be hidden in a closet or under a bed, to organize that clutter. • Make a proper display out of things you already have. Stuffed animals? Statues? Pine cones and acorns? Soda and wine bottles? Paper or silk flowers? If you’ve got it, flaunt it. • Dust and clean every surface in that favorite room where you nest. • Do you have any

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What is the vision that your resolution supports? For many, January 1st is when people in many Western countries reflect on their lives and make “resolutions” for the next year. For most, January 2nd is the first of many days in that year where the new resolutions are not kept. That is because too often your resolution lives alone in the world, only slightly tied to a vision of your future, and rarely revisited. In mental health and medical fields, when you seek the assistance of a pro, the pro will write a “treatment plan”, usually with your input, with specific and measurable goals to be re-examined regularly…and I suppose that’s what a New Year’s Resolution is. But like yearly employee reviews, yearly resolutions are too far apart to be much help. What I suggest instead is regular “Vision” days. I’m agnostic as to which planning system you use (I have yet to find one I fully like, so I’ll let you know if I create one), but whether pen and paper or electronic or some combination of the two, the basic calendar + appointment + to-do list just doesn’t do the trick. And these Vision days should be at least once every three months. Reviewing once a

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An Update About This Site Wow! An update! Hmmm…. pretty nice space here. Haven’t seen it for awhile. Things have been… thinging. Anyhow, I’m getting ready for a major remodel around here. Not going to change the engine much, but I’m going to focus this website on 101 level explanations of civics concepts and psychological and sociological concepts, tied into whatever is happening in the world. So, sort of  a lens to help people understand current events. I am a progressive Democrat and a college graduate, and I will be talking from that perspective, but one of my primary focuses will be to help working and middle class Republicans and Independents understand how progressive ideas and policies can improve their lives. While the focus of the dance these days is civics, the other things you may find me talking about on this site are my family, community, knitting projects, the books and movies and shows I enjoy (and don’t enjoy), and other things in a homebody’s life. An Update About My Professional Sites When I’m not over here writing, you can usually find me at my professional website, which is about to be folded into my really professional website as I change my mental

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