An Update About Updating Updates

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An Update About This Site

Update now Photo by GotCredit 1x1.trans - An Update About Updating Updates

Wow! An update! Hmmm…. pretty nice space here. Haven’t seen it for awhile. Things have been… thinging. Anyhow, I’m getting ready for a major remodel around here. Not going to change the engine much, but I’m going to focus this website on 101 level explanations of civics concepts and psychological and sociological concepts, tied into whatever is happening in the world. So, sort of  a lens to help people understand current events. I am a progressive Democrat and a college graduate, and I will be talking from that perspective, but one of my primary focuses will be to help working and middle class Republicans and Independents understand how progressive ideas and policies can improve their lives.

While the focus of the dance these days is civics, the other things you may find me talking about on this site are my family, community, knitting projects, the books and movies and shows I enjoy (and don’t enjoy), and other things in a homebody’s life.

An Update About My Professional Sites

When I’m not over here writing, you can usually find me at my professional website, which is about to be folded into my really professional website as I change my mental health therapy practice from a sole proprietorship to an LLC pass through, and then, at the beginning of my fiscal year in August, to an S Corporation. All those three dollar words mean that I will be a president of a corporation, instead of an owner of a small business. That means a lot of time dedicated to the change over, which means updates may not be much more common than they are now. Incidentally, if you happen to be a mental health provider in the Kansas City area and are looking for a part time job (I am not currently hiring full time people), click over to one of my professional websites and call me or email me.

And An Update About the Frequency of Updates (and other stuff)

For the time being, don’t expect frequent posting. I’m aiming for once a week on each of the two surviving websites. I have a tendency to over commit my time, so we’ll see how that goes.  Looking forward to a fresh start. See you soon.

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