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Trumpcare: The Great American Iceberg

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iceberg photo

The United States citizenry is in steerage in the Titanic. The Affordable Care Act “replacement” bill (the amorphous one whose name and details keep changing) is an iceberg, and the only people getting a lifeboat from it are the .001%.  The crew is actively blocking attempts to turn the ship away from the danger.

Here we are, sitting in the hull, while the engineers and the company that built the ship are taking apart the ship as it’s sailing headlong into the ice. This the situation today. This is the situation in every single authoritarian country in the world.

Wait. Did I just say the United States is an authoritarian country? Well, yes and no. On paper, we still have a republic. But all of its checks and balances just failed in a massive way, simultaneously, after two generations (forty years) of deliberate dismantlement. I remember the air traffic controller strikes in the 1980s. I remember the birth of HMOs and the idea that health care should be for profit. I remember Iran Contra. I remember the grass roots organization of Republican dominionists who plotted together in restaurants and convention centers to permanently keep “those people” out of power. They have nearly succeeded. The boy scout rally last night sounded eerily like Hitler youth. Women and people of color and gay and transgender people and Muslims are being targeted openly. The rats have come out from the walls and are sunbathing in the middle of the room.

You and I are on this ship together. It’s time to head for the lifeboats, or to the engineering room. We might still be able to turn this ship around. Maybe.

We have a madman at the helm and over half the crew are sitting quietly on their hands because they’re getting paid to let the ship hit the iceberg, and either they don’t realize that they’re going down with the ship, they don’t care, or they have a plan to elbow the citizenry aside to get on the life boats.

We are not okay.





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