This Is My Call to Action

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1x1.trans - This Is My Call to Action

Call to Action

This is my call to action. The world has gotten frightening and dark. It is in these times that if we can’t find heroes in the world, we must become them. I was re-watching Wonder Woman when my purpose with my essays and tweets became crystal clear. Reports have been streaming in that the Russians used Tweets and Facebook ads starting several years ago and continuing through today and tomorrow to divide all of us and stir up disagreement. Their aim is to cause civil war, either literal or figurative. I am going to stop that. I’m just one social worker — one writer with a keyboard, a ton of debt and no savings, but by all that I hold dear I can do something. I can see, I can think, I can make connections, and I can write. I’ve been working toward this with my subconscious, with essays that have been dancing around this goal, and now it is clear to me.

Every day, in every way, I’m going to break down that things that make us the *same*, that make us fellow travelers, as well as those things that make us *different*, that divide us. I will create connections, build bridges, amplify other voices in such a way that despite the opposition, despite the tampering with our democracy, we can build a coalition of democratic socialists, Democrats, independents, and even Republicans that will topple this evil regime and build a coalition that works for all Americans, for the betterment of the world, for the dream we all hoped America was, maybe even thought it was.

I am inadequate to the task, but I must try, because that’s who I am, and I can’t live with myself if I don’t. And because I am who I am, I’m going to be calling all of us, despite our differences, some of which seem insurmountable, to build this better world. You become a leader when you realize you’re afraid and do it anyway. When you realize you are in way over your head, and you keep paddling. When you push through despair and exhaustion to help someone else overcome their own. This is the fight we are facing. This is my call to action.

Reach out to others and lead.

Find the moment of agreement between all sides and use it as your foundation.

Accept all philosophies except those which preach intolerance.

Acknowledge we’re imperfect and work to do better.

Amplify voices that have been stilled and silenced.

Encourage budding leaders to fulfill their roles.

Write, and call, and fax our city and county and state and national leaders and hold them accountable.

March and protest and speak and write.

Overcome pain and fear and caution and make a stand.

This is my call to action.

Please join me.

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