The Stuff I Don’t Usually Put in a Blog

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Pen (Photo credit: Tim Morgan)

I write stories and snippets and poems a lot. A whole lot. I’ve tried posting them (or about them) at Am I the Only One Dancing but it doesn’t really work, so I’ve created this place for them. This is not going to be a ‘well maintained’ or commercialized blog though I’d be a fool not to add a couple of AdSense ads, just in case, so there they are (points at background).

To some extent I will be ‘selling’ my stories here, in the sense that I’m trying to build a reputation for good (or at least interesting) writing. But that’s not the primary purpose. I just want to share, and perhaps get some feedback, and perhaps build a fan base.  I want people to read my works in progress and say ‘hey, that’s a great idea — maybe if you just do this,” or “that really sucks. Try again,” or “That’s great, don’t change a thing!”.

I hope you find the things I put here interesting or enlightening or frightening or funny or sad. I hope you tell your friends and hang out here every now and again. And I hope that someday this nom de plume of mine rolls off the tongues of millions of people and I make millions of dollars and build a network of homeless services that coordinate well, are client centered, and help thousands of people find safe and meaningful lives.

I’m probably getting ahead of myself here.

Anyhow, welcome.


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