The KKK is Disassociating Itself from the TeaOP

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Violence at a Ku Klux Klan march in Mobile, Alabama, 1977 Source: These are stills from a public domain film, which are used as samples by a stock footage company that sells the entire film on video. The company states that the film is in the public domain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve had several friends link to this article about the KKK, who are apparently quite upset that they are being referred to in the same breath as the Tea Party, the Republican Party, Westboro Baptist Church, and that dude whose chuch burned the Koran and caused a riot in Afghanistan that killed several Americans.

Good to know the KKK has limits.

Do I have anything useful to add?  Just a question:  As silly season heats up, who does it benefit that the KKK has distanced itself from these entities? 

Also, a giggle-worthy quote from the article, regarding the Tea Party agenda as “socialist enslavement”:

“…we think this must be the first time in history that “socialist enslavement” mudslinging was directed at the Tea Party rather than originating there.”

A little shadenfreude never hurt nobody.

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