Let’s Talk About Poor White Men and Entitlement

Poor white men and de jure and de facto discrimination: Let’s talk about poor white men and entitlement. A little bit of social justice 101 for y’all today. First, let’s learn the difference between “de jure” and “de facto”. “De jure” is Latin for “of law”, a way of saying one’s rights are equal under the law. “De facto” means “of fact” or “in fact” meaning, the actual situation on the ground, regardless of what the law says. Social justice is “justice in terms of the wealth, opportunities, and privileges in a society” and deals with the attempt to get…

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White Supremacy is in the Small Things

11024391345 5727344844 racism - White Supremacy is in the Small Things

  Hey, fellow white folk: I really appreciate all the folk standing up lately against white supremacy. Really.  And. Standing up against something egregious is *easy*. You look to your left and your right, and you see lots of people smiling and nodding at you. So it’s easy to chant along.  And. I have to ask. What are you doing about white supremacy when it’s not so obvious?  When Colin Kaepernick takes a knee and can no longer work in his field.  When your uncle (aunt, father, brother, daughter) says “But what about those thugs in #BLM?They’re exactly the same.”…

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The Psychology of Hugo Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies

hugo sad puppies rabid puppies

The State of the Puppies Up to Now For those of you not familiar with the current controversy about the Hugo Award in Science Fiction, go here, here, and here to read up on what is happening. I do have skin in the game. I am a Worldcon supporting member, and I have long standing friendships and correspondences with several authors and editors and artists in science fiction. I am also a feminist, an anti-racist ally, an LGBTQ ally, and overall what the Hugo Sad Puppies would call a “SJW” (social justice warrior, meant as a pejorative when they say…

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