Granting Grace in Social Justice Conversations

3458313367 cdf3d978e0 grace - Granting Grace in Social Justice Conversations

What is Grace? For Christians, the idea of grace is that God loves you and forgives you even when you have screwed up really badly. Merriam-Webster describes grace as “free and unmerited”. That means that you don’t deserve grace, it’s given to you. A gift. Not a gift with strings. Not a gift with an attached yabbut. A freely given gift. God (or Goddess, or higher power, or Fate, or whatever floats your boat) isn’t the only being that can grant grace. Dogs are excellent at it. Better than humans, actually. When a dog loves you, she loves you completely.…

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Questioning: The Personal is Political

personal is political

“Questioning” (“Participating”, “Noodling”) is a regular feature of this website asking a question, inviting people to participate in an experience, positing an idea, or in some other way encouraging people to “join the dance”. I’ve done this in the past as well. I highly encourage you to pass this around to your friends and family and get the conversation started. How ‘the personal is political’ applies to me: Unlike most of my extended family, both biological and through marriage, I am an unabashed liberal, feminist, anti-racist, pro marriage equality advocate for poverty elimination and the rule of law. My mother was…

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Today’s Dance: The Fun and Frustration of Participating in Flame Wars

6027755162 87e38e4708 m - Today's Dance: The Fun and Frustration of Participating in Flame Wars

We’ve all done it. At least, I’ve done it. Gotten on the internet, disagreed with someone, and stayed on that site or forum or app for hours or even days waiting impatiently for every post of those who disagree with you, with warring anxiety and glee, planning what you’re going to say next. Flame wars. Gotta love them. Or not. People get passionate about ideas, and different ideas spark different passions for different people. With ready access to a way to have a (more or less) public discussion about ideas that are valuable to them, in the internet era thousands…

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What Effect will Sequestration Have on You?

300px Lange MigrantMother02 - What Effect will Sequestration Have on You?

President Obama signed the order last night that officially began ‘sequestration’, an automatic ‘across the board’ cut in government programs with no evaluation of which programs are more or less valuable, which programs are more or less efficient, and no evaluation of which programs actually could use more, and not less, funding. The sequestration came about because Congress, specifically the Republicans in Congress, spent over a year absolutely refusing to compromise on ways to balance the budget, specifically closing tax loopholes and/or raising taxes on large corporations and the wealthiest taxpayers. I ran to my keyboard this morning (I was…

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