Let’s Talk About Poor White Men and Entitlement

Poor white men and de jure and de facto discrimination: Let’s talk about poor white men and entitlement. A little bit of social justice 101 for y’all today. First, let’s learn the difference between “de jure” and “de facto”. “De jure” is Latin for “of law”, a way of saying one’s rights are equal under the law. “De facto” means “of fact” or “in fact” meaning, the actual situation on the ground, regardless of what the law says. Social justice is “justice in terms of the wealth, opportunities, and privileges in a society” and deals with the attempt to get…

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Why My Work Helping Men Who Abuse Is Feminist

Helping Men who Abuse Helps Women who are Abused

Today, and the other 363 days of the year except yesterday (Mother’s Day), belong to men.  I spend much of my working life helping men who abuse. How’s that for equality?  I might grant, for the sake of argument, that Mother’s day also constitutes a women’s holiday, but as it is an essentially patriarchal holiday (go make babies and then we’ll treat you nice, once a year), it’s up for debate. I am a mother, so I guess I do get two days a year.  That still leaves 363 days a year when men get higher wages, more legal rights…

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