Let’s Talk About Poor White Men and Entitlement

Poor white men and de jure and de facto discrimination: Let’s talk about poor white men and entitlement. A little bit of social justice 101 for y’all today. First, let’s learn the difference between “de jure” and “de facto”. “De jure” is Latin for “of law”, a way of saying one’s rights are equal under the law. “De facto” means “of fact” or “in fact” meaning, the actual situation on the ground, regardless of what the law says. Social justice is “justice in terms of the wealth, opportunities, and privileges in a society” and deals with the attempt to get…

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Speaking Truth to Bigotry: A Personal Social Justice Stand

social justice "listen to the voiceless" on a wall

From Wikipedia: Kyriarchy is a social system or set of connecting social systems built around domination, oppression, and submission. I’ve made a very personal and very uncomfortable decision this year: No matter what the cost, this year I will use my privilege to speak up every single time I hear a statement that is unthinkingly racist, misogynist, homophobic, ableist or otherwise bigoted toward a minority group. There is only one important exception, and some additional caveats.

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