Reboot and Patreon Announcement

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ReBoot It’s time to reboot. Am I the Only One Dancing has lain dormant now for quite a while. To be frank, I’ve been in mourning since Clinton lost in November, and I’ve been in shock and dismay since Trump took office in January. While all that was happening, multiple rapid changes were also happening in my personal life. To take stock: My husband lost his old job due to physical disability and got a new, lower paying one My youngest son left for the Navy and is now doing well in Navy Nuclear A school. I have hired two…

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Rise Up and #Resist45

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Rise Up I think our Senators and Representatives are becoming aware that the protests are balancing on the knife’s edge between the Boston Tea Party and The October March to Versailles. And we don’t have either Hamilton *or* Jefferson. The country might fall to the fishwives. Guys, when I said that most revolutions fail because they throw the baby out with the bath water, I was thinking specifically of the contrast between the American and French revolutions. Compare and contrast John Adams’ defense of the soldiers responsible for the Boston Massacre and Robespierre’s Reign of Terror.   At this point…

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