Meme Sauce: Obama’s Daughters Under Guard at School

300px Gregwilliamsappleandorangecartoon - Meme Sauce: Obama's Daughters Under Guard at School

meme sauce takes pictorial memes from around the internet and digs a bit deeper You’ve seen the graphic passed around Facebook and Twitter and Digg and Reddit, and every even vaguely NRA affiliated website on the web.  That hypocrite! He’s trying to take our guns, and his own daughters go to school with armed guards. You outraged yet? Don’t be.  First, President Obama does not want your guns. He does want better regulation for more responsible gun ownership, but that’s a whole different kettle of fish.  Gun control did not even hit his agenda until after the Sandy Hook incident,…

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‘Low Information Voters’: Euphemism and Truth


View image | Every day in my day job I run into a lot of ‘low information voters’, people who ‘aren’t political’ who ask me my opinion of this candidate or that one, or this policy or that one. Many of those people work backbreaking jobs, or juggle the monumental tasks of surviving while impoverished, or deal with the day in and day out grind of disability. Just because they ask my opinion doesn’t mean that they have any intention of agreeing with me, as most of them are fully aware that I’m ‘left of Lennon’, a left lefty…

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Threats to Democracy: Ignorance and Zombie Lies

e83db1072ff0053ecd0b470de7444e90fe76e7d51db5144095f7c5 640 voters - Threats to Democracy: Ignorance and Zombie Lies

  Ignorance and Zombie Lies are Threats to Democracy Government of the people, by the people, for the people: That is the crux of democracy. And it is under attack in the United States, mostly by the right, but also by politicians on the left who, as the price for participation in lawmaking, become beholden to corporations. (Pardon the highfalutin talk. I’ve been watching Deadwood this weekend, and the language is seeping into my subconscious). In a democracy, government reflects its people. This is true even in a republic, through the principle of each person hiring their representatives. There are several dimensions to…

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Thank You, Chief Justice Roberts

noimg 45 80 80 - Thank You, Chief Justice Roberts

The fight is not over, but because Chief Justice Roberts, for whatever ob$cure rea$son, decided to actually read the constitution, the American people have won a victory My son, who goes to school less than full time, can still be carried on my insurance My elderly friends will no longer have to choose between food and life saving prescriptions. My friends who have entrepreneurial dreams won’t have to pay a ‘premium’ premium for self-insurance, but will pool with other entrepreneurs in their states . … and if they become successful, ‘Obamacare’ will pay up to 50% of the premiums for…

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