Trumpcare: The Great American Iceberg

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The United States citizenry is in steerage in the Titanic. The Affordable Care Act “replacement” bill (the amorphous one whose name and details keep changing) is an iceberg, and the only people getting a lifeboat from it are the .001%.  The crew is actively blocking attempts to turn the ship away from the danger. Here we are, sitting in the hull, while the engineers and the company that built the ship are taking apart the ship as it’s sailing headlong into the ice. This the situation today. This is the situation in every single authoritarian country in the world. Wait.…

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Some Facts About ‘Obamacare’ (the ACA)

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Here are a few basics about “Obamacare” that often get missed in the conversation: While a few middle class people in very good health are paying more for their health care than they did before January, most of those are paying more for significantly better benefits. The original plan was to supplement those with an income up to 133% of poverty through expansion of Medicaid in all states. When the Supreme Court said that was a Federal overreach, several states decided that they would not expand Medicare. There are private organizations in each of those states ticking away exactly how…

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Health Care Reform: The Sky is Not Falling (Expanded)

Obama signs health care crop - Health Care Reform: The Sky is Not Falling (Expanded)

      The bulk of this article first published as Health Care Reform: The Sky is Not Falling on Technorati. New content added to end of article. A new statistic has hit the media cycle designed to send all of our hind brains into panic and pressure the Democratic party into backing off of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The statistic is this: 30% of employers intend to stop offering employer based health insurance when the ACA comes to pass fully in 2014. Enough to make you shake in your boots, right? How will all those people get insurance?…

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