Quick Hat Project for Handspun Yarn

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the handspun hat so far, backlit by my computer screen.

I am using this pattern from Garn Studio, slightly modified for gauge, to use up the yarn I made when I first bought a spindle and ‘starter’ roving. I love hats, and winters in Missouri require warmth. I have a lovely peacock blue winter coat, and this will go with it beautifully.

Between the fact that the roving arrived slightly (very slightly) felted and the fact that I am (still) absolutely terrible at spinning, I have a thick and thin (more thick than thin) fuzzy, overspun single ply yarn of 100% Corriedale wool in a beautiful colorway.

The good news is, if I hang around with Husband and watch movies all day, it’ll be done by the end of the day. It’s nice sometimes to do a quick and easy pattern.

The bad news is that approximately halfway in, I am still not positive I have enough yarn to finish the hat.

More good news is that I still have enough roving in the colorway to finish even if I have to spin more yarn.

More bad news is that I’m having so much fun with the hat (which is a winter hat and which I won’t actually need for several months yet) that I am neglecting both my garden, which badly needs weeding, and the wrap skirt I was planning to make today.

Since my Gingher shears are out to be professionally sharpened, I am trying to be flexible and fill the time until they return. I suppose I could use the rotary cutter and mat (and be happy to do so), but I love the feel of my shears as they slide across the fabric. Weird, I know.

Anyhow, I’m enjoying a quiet Sunday at home with family. You?

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