Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate Solves Nothing

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Scanned image of Barack Obama’s birth certificate released by his presidential campaign in June 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He released it today.  Trump has already “taken credit for” stoking a wild eyed conspiracy theory with no merit to the point where the POTUS had to take time out of governing to get a special exception to Hawaiian law in order to release it to the public.

Already Trump is on to the next conspiracy theory: That Obama didn’t “deserve” his Ivy League education because his grades weren’t good enough, or something (has he peeked at the last President’s college record?  No?  Why not?  Why did we elect a C student President, anyhow).

Other birthers are busy hatching new theories as well.  Many are sure, just sure, that this is a fake.  (So are about half the commenters on Fox).  Orly Taiz is sure that because President Obama’s father wasn’t an American, he isn’t “natural born” (even though this would disqualify several earlier Presidents as well, notably the Founding Fathers)

In other words, psychology wins out.  If you’re pre-disposed to believe something, you will twist reality to fit your presupposition, rather than the other way around.  That’s why belief in “end times” is able to crop up so regularly and survive the world not ending so easily.

I can’t really even bring myself to laugh at those who are still beating this dead horse.  I fell for the Truther stuff (about the twin towers being a conspiracy) briefly after watching that video that supposedly “proved” everything, until a friend of mine gently pointed out that I was falling into the presupposition trap.

Just reporting what’s out there today.  And realizing (again) that really, if you want to believe something, the facts aren’t going to change anything.


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