New Job Update – Working for a Living

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Like the boss, like the autonomy that’s built into the position, like the quiet friendliness of the senior staff.

LIFE Magazine (September 27, 1923) …item 3.. Is life really fair? — This is the calculus of unfairness. (October 9, 2011 / 11 Tishrei 5772) …item 4.. Coping with homework insanity (Posted on Tuesday, 09.18.12) … (Photo credit: marsmet541)

The co-workers seem a bit ‘whispery’ and standoffish, but that could be either my imagination or something I don’t know about the circumstances of my hiring.

I have an office with a door and a key. It is very shiny and new, but the computer and keyboard are from some time in the last century. Standard issue non-profit.

Short drive home, close enough that I went home for lunch and plan to do that often.

The benefits suck, but I knew that going in. There’s a lot of flexibility built into the job, which makes up for it.

So I guess I’m back on the lucky side of the equation.

I won’t often post about my work. There are confidentiality issues and other issues involved. But I wanted everyone to know that this looks like a promising beginning.

About three weeks ago, on Twitter, I mused that what I really wanted for my birthday was a paying gig. The Universe sure knows how to deliver. This was a really good birthday present. Now, back to work.

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