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Home Life: Snakes! Snakes on the Doorstep!

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You know spring has truly sprung when the baby snakes hatch.  Or maybe that’s just me.  I was just coming in with my son from being at the dentist when I heard him say “snake”.  I had rescued a small garter snake last week from a trash can lid that had filled with water, and so I thought that’s what he was talking about.

So I come around the corner, and what should I see but at least half a dozen adorable little garter snakes peeking out out from under the boards of my back porch, sunning themselves, socializing, and generally having a grand old time.

It’s still pretty cools (in the 50’s today) here, so they were a bit sluggish, but they didn’t mind us a bit, and Trouble got to stroke one of them for quite some time before the little fellow decided to move.

It was a little disconcerting to see so many of them, but I’m content to leave them be.  They’ll be moving on as soon as the weather gets warmer and they need to hunt, and in the meantime, they’ll keep down the population of insects, spiders, and, with any luck, mice, that this old house always seems to have.

I’ll keep you posted as they grow older and I figure out how many we actually have.  We just had a cold front blow through and they’re hidden again, but that was a fun little surprise I had.


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