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Hey, Laurell K Hamilton, You Put a Bullet In It

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Bullet, by Laurell K Hamilton, may be the last Anita Blake book I read, unless she does a complete reboot. [amazon_link id=”0515149497″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ][/amazon_link]Unlike a couple of the books I’ve reviewed, I am her target demographic.

I love my vampire porn steamy, and think that, for the most part, Hamilton has done an excellent job through the series of portraying both polyamorous and kink relationships positively and with good insight into the heightened level of communication and empathy for one another required to make these relationships work.  And, in the past, the books had decent plots, too.  Sometimes, she even solved a mystery or two. I honestly don’t know whether Anita solved the mystery or killed the big baddie at the end of this one or not.  She lost me in an interminable, badly written sex scene at Jean Claude’s estate where she yet again, was going to add another few guys to her harem and another few powers to her Mary Sue list. I love me some good Mary Sue.  This series, until about four books ago, was excellent Mary Sue literature.  But really, it is not necessary for the heroine to add yet another psychic power every freaking book.  Really.  It’s not. And the worst part?

Frankly, I think Hamilton’s tired of the series.  It felt like she was going through the motions.  I’ve had days when I’ve felt like that, and the writing that day wasn’t up to par, and yes, I usually posted it anyway, because readers expect content on a blog.  But that doesn’t mean you all are going to like it, and that doesn’t mean Hamilton’s readers are going to like it. I peeked over at the Amazon reviews.  If you think I’m being mean, go look at the one and two star ratings over there.

Wow.  No, really.  Go look.. If Hamilton wants us back, she’ll have to refocus the books on what we come for.  We don’t give a damn about vampire politics any more than most people care what’s going on in Washington.  When the big baddies start killing innocent people, and Anita starts killing them, that’s what we care about.  Rich, powerful vampires killing each other?  Yawn.  We care about the development of the relationships in the book.  Tell us more about Nathaniel, always, because he’s a sweetie. Keep developing the beautiful relationship between Anita and Micah.  Let Jason find happiness. Oh, and if you want us to believe Richard is changed, we need more than ‘he went to a therapist and abracadabra, instant nice guy.’

Ms. Hamilton, I am a therapist, and it just doesn’t work that way. Finally, stop beating around the bush and deal with Anita’s biological clock already.  You’ve been hinting for what, five books now?  Have her make the decision and move on with the story.  It feels stuck right now.

If you want to read a good Anita Blake story, for comparison, try Blue Moon, or Obsidian Butterfly, or even the very short Micah.  But unless you’re an absolute complete-ist, Skip this one. (The only other vampire book I have ever hated this much was Twilight, by Stephanie Meyers.  I finished it, but it was because I felt I had to.  I did not read any of the others in the series.  I like the alternate Whedonized ending much better: “And Buffy staked Edward, The End).

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