Framing the Argument: The Democrats Start Talking Tough

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That’s What I Want to Hear From the Democrats

from the link: (originally from TPM)

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI), on Capitol Hill for a hearing held by the House Oversight Committee on state budgets, had yet to even speak before Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) ripped into the Republican leader’s anti-union record.

“I strongly oppose efforts to falsely blame middle-class American workers for these current economic problems,” Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the committee, said in his opening statement. “This recession was not caused by them. Working America – fire fighters, teachers and nurses – are not responsible for the reckless actions of Wall Street, which led to this crisis in the first place.”

Cummings said he also “strongly object[s] to efforts by politicians who try to use the current economic downturn to strip American workers of their rights – the right to negotiate working conditions that are safe, the right to negotiate due process protections against being fired arbitrarily, and the right to negotiate fair pay for an honest day’s work.”

This is how its done.  Don’t let the debate be framed that the GOP are “for” deficit reduction and the Democrats are “against” it. It is almost criminal that the Democrats in congress allowed the debate to be framed that way for so long.  Keep hammering away that:

  • current GOP proposals do nothing to solve the deficit problem while harming the average American.
  • It’s not fair for the tax burden for institutions in this country which overwhelmingly favor and benefit the wealthy are paid for by the poor and middle class at a higher effective tax rate than the wealthy pay.
  • The debate about unions is the debate about workers to assemble freely and bargain collectively. Unions do not harm the economy, they can be historically proven to help the economy.
  • Those public workers who work, largerly, for lower wages than they would make in the private sector are patriots and heroes whose work keeps the machinery of our democracy going.

Keep the message simple, keep it about the average person who is being whipped into a frenzy of fear by the GOP, and keep it about solutions that benefit all of us, not a few.

And when some teenaged libertarian with pimples waves his copy of Atlas Shrugged at you and demands you give him his “freedom”, buy him a ticket to Somalia and suggest he build Galt’s Gulch there, where there are no laws and infrastructure to hinder him.

from a comment in this thread at Mother Jones: “Someone smarter than me described libertarians as like goldfish in a bowl, who fail to account for the medium that gives them life. Instead, angered by its restrictions, they try to smash the glass.”  I asked the comment author, but he was unable to remember the original source.



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