Dear #MAGA: I Wish I Were Making This Up

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two protestors, white, one male, one female, Male holds up sign with trump speech bubble "I moved on her like a bitch". Woman holds up sign with Lady Liberty using her torch to burn his hand.

I wish I were making this up — that this is actually a Presidential quote

We are all in serious trouble:

I wish I were lying. My life would be *so much* easier, if Donald Trump were actually a good president, actually had the needs of working and middle class Americans, native born and legal immigrant Americans, the military and veterans, and small business owners on his mind. He doesn’t. His administration doesn’t. The current GOP congress (mostly) doesn’t (there are exceptions to that rule). All those “liberal” values I fight for? Equal pay, a minimum wage increase, worker protections, expecting police officers to follow the rule of law, honoring our treaties and trade agreements, putting diplomatic solutions at a much higher priority than military solutions, fully funding veterans services, education, infrastructure, public health, national parks, climate research, all that jazz? All that benefits you, too.

I *really* wish I were making this up.

You’ve been caught in a spider web of envy and hate for so long now that when someone tries to cut you out of the thick, sticky ropes that are binding you, you lash out at them and try to hurt them, hurting yourself and binding yourself tighter in the process. My plan today was to write a really insightful- because I”m an awesome writer and thinker 😉 – piece on performative patriotism and “virtue signaling”. I still have it in the queue, but I’m exhausted and frustrated, so I’m going to be real instead of clever today, vulnerable instead of guarded, open instead of precise and measured.

I wish I were making this up.

You are stabbing yourself in the gut to get to those you hate and envy:

Y’all are screwing yourselves as much as you’re screwing us. I see your Tweets and Facebook posts and bumper stickers. I hear your conversations, because after all, y’all are family and neighbors to me. You gloat about “pissing off libtards” and “making snowflakes cry”. There’s something you don’t understand about all that. We’re not pissed at you. We’re not sad for ourselves. At least not solely. We’re pissed *for* you and we’re sad *for* you. You are willingly handing over the reins of our government to people who don’t care two shits about you, but got your vote promising to hurt *us*.

If only I were making this up.

You’re bending over backwards now to excuse behavior in the current president you never would have accepted in a Democratic president, or even most GOP presidents. Clinton was impeached for a consensual blowjob with a grown women. Over a dozen women, including women who were underage at the time, have come forward accusing @realDonaldTrump of sexual assault, he admitted to a pattern of sexual assault and harassment on tape, and you went out and voted for him anyhow.

I could sleep at night if I were making this up.

The leaders you support are laughing as they lead you to the slaughter:

He cut health care subsidies, by executive order, that impact y’all *far* more than it impacts us “libtards” (though it definitely affects us too) and you cheered. He is openly and publicly challenging the first amendment rights of private citizens, and you line up with him to throw pitchforks. Do you really think your history of voting for him will make you safe when he turns on you? He developed a tax reform plan based on the Kansas plan that bankrupted the state and left a well managed state with good roads and schools and services in ruins and its farmers and small business owners destitute.

I wish I were making it up.

He wins you over by making immigrants and Black folk and Natives and Muslims the “other” and counting on you not realizing that they are the canaries in the coal mines. What he’s doing to them now, he’s doing to you next, and you’re cheering the march of the tanks on the people of America.

The world would be safer if I were making this up.

We’re getting tangled in the reins and getting dragged with you:

He ends decades of good relationships with our allies and antagonizes countries we didn’t have good relationships with, and you cheer him on as all that hard work and good will goes down the drain and leaves us isolated in the world.

Puerto Rico would have water and electricity if I were making this up.

He spends tens of millions of dollars on golfing trips, one *at least* every week since he has been President, while Texas and Florida and Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands and California beg, again and again, for relief from hurricanes and fires. He claims we “can’t afford” to help those affected by fires and hurricanes, while his cabinet members rack up millions of dollars of private travel on the government dime.

Bottom line is: I’m not making this up. I don’t have the energy to make this up. I’m not even sure I have the energy to keep fighting, right now. All those friends of your who unfriended you on Facebook, who avoid hanging out with you now, who hurt your feelings and made you feel isolated after you voted for Trump and bragged about how he would “make America great again”? They weren’t cutting ties with you *just* because of their anger at your and fear for themselves, they also cut ties because of their fear and anger *for* you. When you see a friend walking into a trap, you try to warn them. When you see a family member about to step off a cliff, you try to pull them back. When you see a neighbor about to be robbed, you defend them. And that’s what we’re trying to do.

The whole world is in danger because you voted out of hate and envy:

#MAGA, you are part of America, just like we Resistance folk are. And we’re telling you, loud and clear, that you are handing away the American dream, not just from those you despise, but from those you love. It’s not too late. Pay attention to the actions, and not the words. Ignore attempts to incite hate and violence among you and reach out and have conversations, even difficult ones, ones that bring up rage and fear and guilt and shame. Listen. Share. Read. Go back and read the foundational documents of our country, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers. Use annotated versions so you understand them. Keep a dictionary handy to look up words you don’t understand. Put things in context. Start calling out your leaders and asking questions. “If we want to make America great again, why *shouldn’t we raise the minimum wage?” “If we want to #MAGA, shouldn’t we be spending a *lot* more money on veterans, and making sure that the retirement of the largest generation in American history is free from want and fear?” “Why do we keep saber rattling with North Korea and Iran? How does that #MAGA?”

There are things you can do to make it better:

Since you’re not going to join with me and support progressive candidates, support principled conservatives who insist that every bill be scored by the congressional budget office and only support those who don’t increase the deficit. Support laws that protect service members, that provide additonal training for police officers, including how to manage mental health issues and crowds without increasing the likelihood of violence. Support reasonable gun laws in line with the constitutional requirement for a “well-regulated” militia. Support tax codes that don’t fall disproportionately on the poor and middle class.

You get where I’m going with this. If you want to make America great again, you’re going to have to look through the illusions and see that the Emperor and his minions have no clothes, no loyalty, no honor, and feel no duty toward you *or* I. If you *really* want to make America great again, start proving it.

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