Accountability Post: Diet and Exercise Plan, Week Three

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Push ups:  Part  of my diet and exercise plan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As with all plans, my diet and exercise plan ran into some problems this week.  To put it mildly, my arthritis has been excruciating, so even yoga that typically helps with pain has been off limits. On top of that, my oldest son Cave Dweller graduated from community college this week (next stop, a four year degree!) so we had relatives in town and a ton of obligations, several of which involved eating out.

The good news is that I didn’t gain any weight. The bad news is that I didn’t lose any, either.  What went wrong? For starters, I got lazy about recording what I eat on, which allows me to ‘guesstimate’ how much I have actually eaten — and almost certainly underestimate.

Also, not exercising did not help, as did problems with sleep I had all week.

At this point I have two choices. I can give up (declare a case of the eff-its and go back to eating whatever and whenever I want) or I can knuckle down again and give it another go.

I’m going to knuckle down.

Today I’m back to counting calories, and at bedtime I plan to start the 100 pushup challenge. This next week my goal is to do a minimum of four sun salutes (and preferably ten plus a modified full routine to account for my arthritis) plus do the ‘girl’ version of the 100 push up challenge every evening. (Hey, I like doing push ups. Go figure!)

Another thing I’m adding is bedtime at ten p.m. no matter what. Sleep is a major factor in difficulty losing weight, and I have to admit, I have some challenges with getting enough sleep.

Gardening is also part of my exercise routine. I’ve been doing quite a bit lately, and there is a LOT of weeding going on. I am also adding deep cleaning projects to my workout routine. I have my home office to get in order this week, as well as my laundry room. Up and down stairs with loads of laundry is great exercise!

So, minor setback, no catastrophe, and renewed interest and determination. All in all, not bad for my diet and exercise plan. How is your plan going?


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