Trickle Down Nightmare: Wealth Distribution in the US

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Wealth Distribution. Print it out, pass it on. (Photo credit: slw606)

You know how ‘they’ say that if we lower taxes on the wealthy, the money will ‘trickle down’ on the rest of us in a lovely free market wealth distribution? I thought when I first heard it in the 1980s that it was a pretty to way ‘piss on the poor and middle class’, and the numbers show that I was right.

Watch this video —all of it — and then read on:

Cover of Invasion of the Body Snatchers

This video of the wealth distribution in the United States is quite possibly the scariest movie I’ve seen since the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers (the rest are mere shadows of that black & white classic in terms of sheer terror).

Keep in mind that thanks to Citizens United, that dude whose wealth can’t fit on the graph?  He’s the one buying all the ads on television, the ones that tell you what to think. He’s the one influencing laws to strip unions of their power and attempting to redistrict all of the swing states and then eliminate the electoral college in order to fix the next presidential election.

And I see this wealth distribution myself. I work with impoverished and lower middle class people every day, and I have an advanced degree and am married to a skilled tradesman with a good job at the height of his career — and yet due to educational debt— debt that due to that one dude there I can’t discharge in bankrupcy —we are barely scraping by.

Looking at that wealth distribution graph, we’re a bit below the 20% at the top.  A generation or two ago, that would have meant a house with a two car garage, a big fat retirement account, and no worries when I have to go to the doctor for a case of the sniffles. Now it means financial insecurity up to and including retirement.

Do me, and you, and everyone you know a favor and pass this information around. We still have the right to vote. Let’s act before its taken from us. Support Occupy Wall Street in its effort to sue the financial regulators. Vote for local and state law makers who understand the issues of the working and middle classes. Work to get Citizens United overturned.

Act. Be. Let’s get that curve back to that ideal curve that 9 of 1o of us support. Let’s stop using terms like progressive and conservative to divide, and start realizing that all of us are being manipulated by that one dude at the top of the stack with his wild weenie whizzing in the wind.

For my conservative friends: That’s not rain you feel on your cheeks. You know its not. Stop fooling yourselves.

  • The Sequestered Gilded Age: Top 20 percent of households control over 90 percent of all stocks and financial wealth: Bottom 40 percent of all households have an average net worth of -$10,600. (
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  • A Visual Guide to US Income Distribution (
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