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Today’s Dance: Underoos (Superhero Underwear)

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Wonder Woman Underoos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For those of you who are too young to remember, Underoos were the most awesome underwear on the face of the planet. They were classically cut superhero underwear for boys and girls. Who wouldn’t want the face of a superhero surrounding their privates? (don’t answer that). Kids went wild for the stuff, back in the day. They were even neutral about the great war (DC vs. Marvel), having characters from both universes.


Imagine my surprise when I was walking through my local J.C. Penney about three months ago and ran across boy shorts for grown women printed in a Wonder Woman motif (which apparently are no longer available, at least not on their website).  Superhero underwear for me!


They looked kind of like these from Spencer’s Gifts, but more like briefs, and minus the garters.


sexy Wonder Woman underwear from Spencer’s


Of course I bought a pair. I think they are the only underpants I have ever owned that I have had a (private) conversation about at work (with a trusted friend). They are so much fun to wear. I feel like I’m twelve again.


Target has some Wonder Women underwear. Mine are cooler, but theirs are pretty cool. (And they have Batman and Superman women’s undies too)


Wonder Woman superhero underwear from Target




But, see, I am not neutral in the great war. I am a Marvel woman to my tippy toes. And Wonder Woman, as awesome as she is, is pure DC. So today I went looking for Marvel universe superhero underwear for grown women. And I found them. They were a little harder to find, a place I’d never heard of before, called And they only come in camisole and panty sets.


Here’s Spidergirl:


Spidergirl cami and boxer set


and Black Widow:



But my all time favorite has got to be She-Hulk (this time from Spencer’s again, where it’s a little cheaper):


So what questions can I possibly come up with for a (very late) Today’s Dance today based on Underoos and/or superhero underwear in general? Here goes:

  • Do you have fond or painful memories of wearing Underoos or other superhero underwear as a kid? Both? Care to share them?
  • DC or Marvel? Something else? None of the above?
  • Are you tempted to buy a pair of superhero underpants for yourself or a loved one? Boy or girl variety?
  • Does this bring up cozy memories of childhood or naughty fantasies
  • Have you ever seen the scene of Cameron Diaz dancing around in a pair of Underoos in Charlies Angels? There’s some crossover between innocent and naughty there.
  • How does it feel to have ‘permission’ to wear undies (this question is for women only) that are not explicitly sexy. I really wish I had a pic of the ones I have, as they would make it abundantly clear what I mean.
  • If you had the start-up funds to make plain ol’ briefs and or boxer briefs (including both men’s and women’s styles) with licensed prints, what do you think would be awesome to add to the lineup?

As always, the conversation becomes more interesting if you share this post using the handy dandy buttons below. You never have to answer any questions you’re uncomfortable with, and

And here, for your pleasure (and as an apology for being late) is the aforementioned scene with Cameron Diaz in Underoos:

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