Today’s Dance: Resistance

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I’m a child because I don’t want to grow up (Photo credit: Adrian Serghie)

I’ve written three posts in the last three days while resisting writing a ‘today’s dance’ post. Why? Hell if I know. For some reason I’m struggling with a bad case of ‘don’t wanna’. It’s not that I don’t wanna write posts, or I don’t wanna come up with questions, it’s more that I don’t wanna be ‘obligated’ (remember that one?) to write one every day.

So yesterday I didn’t. Take that. I’m sure it affected you deeply (grins). Resistance is a natural force when we face change, or even when we face ongoing responsibilities. There are several ways we can work through our resistance. We can plow forward, shouldering through barriers. We can move forward in short, concentrated bursts separated by rests.

We can make feints, retreat, and move forward again. Or we can give in to the resistance, erase that path from our lives, and choose a new direction. All of these are ways to dance with resistance.

Resistance can be informative. At the least, it tells us where our comfort zone ends. It can identify deficits in energy or resources or motivation, and can help us shift toward or away from an idea that needs to be re-adjusted.

Resistance can also be a surrender to fear. It might be for ‘right now’, or ‘forever’, and sometimes, the worst times, resistance keeps us from doing something that we absolutely know would improve our lives in multiple ways.

In light of the many ways resistance informs our lives, the dance begins:

  • What are you resisting today? Should you? Why or why not.
  • Is there something you know you ‘should’ or ‘ought to’ do that you resist again and again? What is your resistance telling you in this case?
  • Has resistance ever cost you something vitally important to you? Were you ever able to partially or totally ‘make it right’?
  • What is the greatest reward you have ever had for overcoming your own resistance?
  • Has someone else’s resistance to something important to you significantly affected any relationships you’ve had?
  • What is your favorite way to overcome resistance once you’ve figured out the goal is worth pushing through for?
  • When has your resistance been a warning not to do something you really wanted to do but which was a really bad idea? Was it just that one time, or has your resistance saved you more than once?
  • What do you get sheer pleasure in resisting? What do you enjoy doing despite inner resistance?
  • Why do you keep resisting commenting here? (Hee.)
  • Insert pun about ohms here.

As always, you’re not obligated to post your answers here. (but how can you resist?) Feel free to share this post and any others on the site you find interesting through those nifty buttons at the bottoms of the posts. I hope you can’t resist adding me to your RSS feed and liking my page on Facebook with those other buttons up there at the top right of the page. Thanks, and see you again tomorrow.

  • Sleeping like a baby (until Gangnam Style comes on!) Tired tot can’t resist dancing to smash hit (


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  • glinda

    Interesting. Sometimes I end up giving in to the desire to accomplish things even though I lack the physical spoons; that one doesn’t get better (the absence of spoons part) and when I do things, I pay for it by having to crash for even more days. I still haven’t actually found a balance, almost…ghods, 15 years since I first got the CFS, 14 1/2 since my diagnosis.

    Sometimes I have to go do something despite lack of energy and presence of higher migraine level, such as this evening, when I had to go get the prescription refills I’d phoned in last Friday, because I’d be out of one tonight that I can only get 30 days worth at a time.

    I wasn’t able to resist the “what does an electrician sing when he’s fixing your stove? Ohm, ohm on the range” joke just now…

    • Hee for the joke. I need to pick a new pic for the article because the beautiful one I found seems to have vanished.

      Resistance is absolutely linked to limits on energy. I’m pretty sure that’s true in engineering as well as psychology. Thanks so much for sharing your perspective.