Today’s Dance: Five Things To Do With Excess Zombies

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English: A participant of a Zombie walk, Asbury Park NJ, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You’ve survived the first wave, you’ve strengthened your defenses, and you’ve got supplies to last you through the cold season. And now, the boredom of the post Call of Duty reality of off the grid living has arrived, and you’re looking for something to do, and someone or something to release you from the tedium of survival tasks.

You’re going to have the rely on your imagination and the detritus of civilization to build your entertainment emporium and everyday work habits. Here are a few ideas:

  1. An old Merry-Go-Round can be converted to zombie power pretty easily. Simply put a little rotten meat on a stick, harness the zombie in with blinders to keep his eyes forward, and little Timmy and Mary Sue can safely enjoy the pretty ponies and reach for the brass ring.
  2. Zombies provide ample raw materials for avant garde live action sculpture. A pit full of clay becomes a mud wrestling exhibit. Bright lights and loud music? (You might need a few solar collectors for this) You have a mosh pit. Use your imagination.
  3. Since you’re going to be needing to grow your own veggies, and since fossil fuels for tractors will be in short supply, consider hitching zombies to your plow. They don’t need to be fed, they never tire, and when one drops in the traces, just let another one of your zombies take a bite out of that annoying end-of-days preacher that keeps waking you up at dawn. New zombie, good for another year.
  4. Who needs greyhounds? Zombie races will be all the rage. Someone in the neighborhood caught stealing penicillin? He’s the rabbit for Sunday’s race. Set up a course with double stacked hay bales, release the rabbit and then the zombies, and place your bets. If the rabbit gets caught, you have a new, fresh zombie to bet on next week.
  5. Well maintained zombies are better than a moat. Set up a perimeter of pet zombies around each of your supply depots with a remote controlled ‘drawbridge’ to let you through when you need to restock. Add a few booby traps and you’re all set.

Today’s dance is to explore, once the shock and horror are over, what you would do in the post zombie apocalypse world. Have fun, play with the questions, and pass it on!

  • How would you survive the first wave? Who would you survive it with?
  • Where would you go to rebuild your life? What kind of civilization would you build?
  • What things would you keep from today’s world? What would you discard?
  • How would you maintain rule of law and prevent a new dark age? Could you?
  • What uses would you put zombies to, if any?
  • What skills will you bring to the post-apocalypse that you’ll be able to teach to people who have forgotten how to live off the grid? What will you need to learn?
  • What will you most miss from today’s world? Are there special preparations you’ll need to make to survive long term? Medications? Prescription glasses? Something else?

See you when the smoke clears!

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