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The Future of Libraries (infographic)

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English: Midwest Genealogy Center, Independenc...
English: Midwest Genealogy Center, Independence, Missouri, main floor atrium (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a followup to John Scalzi’s wonderful ode to the role of public libraries in his life, A Personal History of Libraries, I bring you:

The Future of Libraries

Courtesy of my own local library, Mid-Continent Public Library, which is totally awesome and even has a cafe at its North Independence branch which sells amazing brownies.

Support your local libraries. They are a hub of activity and worth every dime they cost and then some. An educated citizenry is in everyone’s interest. Whether you wander through the stacks, check out e-books without ever setting foot in the building, surf the internet using their free access, or use them to access expensive and valuable research databases, your public library provides a valuable service to you.

Even if you are one of the lucky few who has enough money to buy all the books you need or want as soon as they come out, libraries serve you. They are a safe and wholesome place for teens to go after school. They provide classes on every subject under the sun for people from infancy to elders. Your local librarian can help you with a myriad of questions on any number of subjects.

Pass this infographic on to be sure that everyone understands how valuable their local library is to their community. And don’t forget to pay your taxes. It’s the patriotic (and right) thing to do!

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