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The Cat Came Back – She Just Wouldn’t Stay Away

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Not Charlie Sheen. This kitten is a standin as my photo uploader wouldn’t work and I had to use stock.

Charlie Sheen is the cat who came back. Already. Our lovely little bundle of purr has decided that her favorite place to rest her head when I’m at home is on my lap, with her head and paws on the track pad of my laptop (which I keep switched off because I use a mouse instead.)

From that position she bats at my hands as I type. All. Day. Long. (I type a lot). So I put her gently on the floor. Her hind feet haven’t even fully hit the floor before she’s twisting in midair to jump back into my lap. I pass her to Overthinker or Husband. She politely accepts scritches from them, then makes her way back to me.

I get up and change rooms. She follows. I move to a desk or table. She hops on up. I get the spray bottle out. She regroups, and sneaks up on me again. That’s her spot, and she’s sticking to it.

I was a child raised on Sesame Street, the Electric Company, and ZOOM. One of my favorite bits that the kids did on ZOOM was that old children’s song great, The Cat Came Back. I used to race home from school to turn on ZOOM and hope that they had another verse that afternoon. I found one for you, and then I found a couple of other versions.

In the meantime, I continue to work on teaching Charlie Sheen some manners (how many have wanted to make that statement in the last year?)

From ZOOM:

In classic cartoon form:

And a death metal version from Macabre that is surprisingly lyrical.

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