Simplify, Simplify, Simplify (Back to Blogging Basics)

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I created six new blogs between December and January. Was I nuts? Actually, yes, yes I was. I was thinking of blogs as money makers rather than creative outlets, so I split my personality into seven parts. Do you have any idea how overwhelming it is to attempt to maintain eight blogs?

You know what? Neither this blog nor any other is likely to make me much money, but I love blogging, so I’m going to return to my roots.

Blogging is, for me, like it is for a lot of writers, a way of exercising my brain, of noodling and doodling over ideas that come from all over the world. Sure, I could maintain a single subject blog that doesn’t rove through the world as I see it. I’ve actually done it before. But for me, that’s neither as fun nor as useful as simply noodling here is.

Blogging Basics (Photo credit: owenwbrown)

This blog. This, and the professional notifications and articles on my therapy business website are it. Screw SEO. Screw trying to fit a niche. I am who I am, and my mind wanders far and wide. Might as well own it and embrace it. The extra blogs are going to be erased over the next month, with placeholders set until they’re back out in the aether. Any new articles that should have been here will be moved here. And then? And then I work my work, write my writing, and blog here when the mood strikes me.

Sure, I’ll keep the affiliate links and Adsense. Might as well link you all to interesting stuff, and maybe make a penny or two to rub together, but that’s it. If you like my writing, come aboard. If you don’t, that’s okay. No one’s making you read it (and if I’m wrong about that, I’d be interested in hearing about it.)

Wednesday is the start of Lent. While I am not Catholic, or even Christian, I often use the energy of millions of people trying to change their lives to change something in mine. This lent my goal is twofold: to increase my physical activity level (which has been near zero), and to write actual content in a fiction piece every single day. Blogging in a half dozen difference “content farm” blogs does not go with that goal.

I’ve drifted away from fiction not because I don’t like writing fiction, but because I had a massive crisis of confidence and have spent years recovering. Now the goal is to return and to power through the fear.

In any case, I’m back, at least part time, at least more often, and at least for those who think the weird things that matter to me are worth reading.

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