Sewist Book Review: The Dressmaker’s Technique Bible

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[amazon_link id=”0896896943″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ][/amazon_link]’Bible’ means a specific kind of book. THE book. The only one you need (for whatever subject it covers). Many times, ‘bible’ is a bit overblown. It ain’t all that, but the author or marketers or both want you to believe it is.

The Dressmaker’s Technique Bible: A complete guide to fashion sewing by Lorna Knight lives up to its name. The only things it doesn’t cover for the home sewist are things that are not encompassed by the word ‘dressmaker’.

There is not a lot of ‘how to use a sewing machine (or serger)’, and men’s and children’s garments are not separately covered in this book. However, pretty much anything you can think of that is involved with planning, cutting, sewing, and finishing women’s fashions is covered.

This is a well designed book. It has lots and lots of useful line drawings, a few useful photographs (I tend to prefer line drawings over photographs for learning techniques), and easy to follow instructions. The chapters flow in logical order one the next, in approximately the same order you might build a garment. At the end of the book are resources, a glossary, and a well done index.

The construction details of the book are also well thought out. About the same size as a trade paperback, this is a hardback with a spiral binding that lays open where you set it. It’s small enough to stick in a sewing bag and substantial enough to take a lot of wear.

I really like this book and not only keep it handy while working but sometimes browse through it just to learn something. It could just as easily have been called an encyclopedia as a bible, though like a bible it’s more a ‘how to do things’ book than simply an informational book.

Whether you’re a beginning, intermediate, or even advanced sewist, I highly recommend you buy The Dressmaker’s Technique Bible and keep it handy.

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