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Returning to My Blogging Roots

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View from my writing desk at work, circa August 2013

Am I the Only One Dancing? started as a way to share my core philosophy of living life to the fullest, well examined, with a goal of sharing things and ideas I love.  That includes progressive politics, ideas about self help, writing, books and movies and television shows and knitting and events, and you know — life.

And then I needed to start making money, so I tried to sell you all on some of the stuff I liked instead of simply sharing it. I didn’t actually make any money that way, but I did write a bunch of posts promoting stuff. And wrote other posts that didn’t stem from my core stuff.

This blog has gotten pretty big. It took seven files to transfer the posts to a test blog to work on issues I’m having with site speed. So over the next month or two, I’m going to go back through the blog, first deleting any posts that don’t”fit” with being a personal blog.

Then I’m going back and fixing all the links that are broken or that wander off to places you don’t necessarily want to go, and using the test blog to (eventually) fix all of the speed issues I have and give you a better experience. Only Adsense and Skimlinks will be left as ads, because they’re not particularly intrusive and because they respond well to content and what you want.

Finally, as I write more and more “long form” stuff, you’ll find out about them here, have download links, and if and when I ever end up on book tours, you’ll find out about them.

There will still be plenty of politics, self help, book and movie and television reviews, stuff about knitting and writing, jokes and geekery and stuff about family, and other miscellaneous stuff from the crevices of my brain. And I’ll feel at home again (and hopefully so will you).

If any of you have any suggestions, now is the time. As for me, back to blogging, writing, providing psychotherapy, knitting, and trying hard not to be so completely overworked I forget to sleep.

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