Pay Forward: My Old Friend, The Hunger Site

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Last Week’s Pay Forward

Thank You (Photo credit: mandiberg)

Before I talk to you about how awesome The Hunger Site and its affilliated sites are, first an update on last week’s pay forward:

Adelheide was able to get her immediate needs met and was even able to pay forward some of the money people sent her to another individual who had unexpected medical bills and needed a hand.

My sister Janet was able to get badly needed new pair of glasses, which will allow her to drive next week to an interview she has which potentially could solve her money problems once and for all.

Both of them asked me to extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to everyone who participated, and I’m going to add my own ‘thank you’ to theirs.

Thank you! (I’d put fancy flash curlicues here, but that would be obnoxious)

And Now, The Hunger Site!

The Hunger Site Button (Photo credit: amishsteve)

And now, on to this week’s pay forward. I decided to highlight a site I have been aware of now for at least a dozen years: The Hunger Site. Formed in 1999, its concept is simple. Click on a button every day, and money is donated toward world hunger.

Along with The Hunger Site, on the same site owned by, on different tabs, are several other worthy causes, right now including:

  • The Breast Cancer Site
  • The Animal Rescue Site
  • The Veterans Site
  • The Autism Site
  • The Child Health Site
  • The Literacy Site
  • and The Rainforest Site

It’s really simple to help out: You simply click on the big button in the middle of the page.

How does this help the hungry? The power of internet advertising. Sponsors pay for their products and services to be advertised on The Hunger Site, and in return, fund the clicks that people like you and me make on the site. The Hunger Site and its affiliates then send off money to their respective causes from the money given to them by their sponsors.

How much of it do they send? According to the Hunger Sie website, 100% of sponsor money goes toward the cause in question. Various organizations including and have done their own investigations and found that The Hunger Site and its parent company, (and its non-profit arm at are legitimate.

While there are some legitimate criticisms of the company, mostly along the lines that they may not be the most effective way to donate, on balance even their critics admit that they have done a great deal of good over the years. A quick perusal of the tax records on their site shows that they essentially spend 100% of the money that comes in on their cause, minus server costs. I’ve worked for non-profits for most of my adult life, an in my opinion that is a tremendous achievement.

The best part for you is that if you are completely dirt poor and unable to give a dime to a single charity out there, you can still contribute to The Hunger Site and its affiliates, and it will really matter. If you have a web connection (which I would assume to be the case if you’re reading this), then it takes under a minute a day to donate:

  • a few cups of food
  • part of the cost of a mammogram
  • food and care for rescued animals
  • meals for homeless veterans
  • therapy for autistic children
  • health care for impoverished children
  • books (BOOKS!)
  • and protection for rainforest habitat

I’ve been doing it every day (more or less)) for a dozen years or so. Go ahead. Give it a whirl. And if you’re feeling really generous, buy some additional stuff from the online stores for even more donations for your causes. And never forget to keep paying it forward, because it keeps paying you back.


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