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What Do You Mean, We Have Child Molesters Among Us? A community I’ve belonged to for a couple of decades was rocked this week by discovering that a very active member has recently been arrested for distributing child pornography, and that at least one family member has accused this person of molestation when they were both children. This is not the first time this community ha had a similar scandal, nor will it be the last. Child molesters reside in nearly all communities, in the best neighborhoods and the worst, online and offline. “Not in my community” just buries your head in the sand. “Not my friend, my spouse, my boss, my minister, my teacher” does the same. This post is in part an answer to questions from the community. Since this affects me personally, I’m posting it in my personal blog, and I’m crossposting it professionally for people that have questions about how they as individuals and members of communities should deal with child molestation. Its never pleasant to find out that someone you cared for and liked or loved is capable of molesting and exploiting a child for sexual gratification. The first question most people ask is “why”.

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neglected home garden

As you can see from the photos, my poor neglected home garden needs a lot of work. As a partial explanation, I have had multiple issues with back and neck over the last couple of years, and my husband has had multiple surgeries on his shoulders and knees. We’ve had no money to hire help, and our stamina has been needed to keep bringing money in to feed the family. Now that both of us are feeling better, it’s time to fix this mess. I have always loved the idea of having my garden entirely edible, or at least entirely usable. Last year, for reasons that included money, a new business, and other things, I badly neglected my garden. This year, my goal is to rehabilitate all five of my raised beds, the big (ish) south facing garden space, the small bed at the east of the house near the “outdoor kitchen” space – essentially all of the flower and vegetable beds – into flower/herb/vegetable multi-use spaces. This will involve a fairly expensive investment in seeds. I buy staple seeds at my local dollar store.. they’re so cheap that the difference in germination rate is offset by price, then buy

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a large circular knitting needle with kntted entrelac squares in blue, green and burgundy
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After all my gift knitting this year (sorry I didn’t blog it), I had a ton of extra yarn to use up, so I thought I’d make a blanket. You know, a cozy little lap blanket. And I decided I’d use the entrelac technique, a technique I had only used before on the pockets for a scarf I made for my son’s girlfriend. Then I decided that I really need a new bedspread. Because, reasons. So I had a couple of cancellations at work, and spent a couple of hours adapting a basic entrelac pattern to get what I want, which is large squares made out of two joined colors, with color shifts of one color (through six shifts) every row of blocks, and the other color (through four colors) every four rows of blocks. Print PDF

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Goodbye, Leonard Nimoy. This “half alien” geek girl will miss you. I first watched Star Trek (the Original Series) on a small black and white television when I was about eight or nine. We had to hold the rabbit ear antennas just right to get the signal, and it was a revelation to me years later that they all had brightly colored uniforms. A lot of girls identified with Uhura. She was beautiful, intelligent, commanding, and oh, so cool. And she could speak “side eye” code sooooo well. But I didn’t identify with her. I wasn’t cool. I wasn’t beautiful. I didn’t do subtle. I was the stick thin girl with thick glasses and buck teeth, straw colored hair and pale skin covered in freckles, usually dressed in homemade dresses and smocks or hand-me-downs, the one who climbed trees to read books in peace and laughed like a horse. Print PDF

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338px police brutality svg - Black Lives Matter: The Role of Allies
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After the Ferguson grand jury decision came the Eric Garner grand jury decision. While disappointing, it was not surprising that the police officer that put him in a choke hold on camera that ended Eric’s life will not face charges. While it is widely said that a proscuter can “indite a ham sandwich, apparently it is impossible (or nearly so) to indict a police officer. Which means that not all pork products can be indicted. Statistics all over the United States back this up. While over 99% of people arrested for crimes are indicted, at least at the Federal level, this is not borne out when the accused is a police officer. Statistics show that police officers are largely immune to prosecution for excessive force, even when it leads to the death of an innocent person. This is not a matter of one bad cop, or one bad police station. This is a systemic issue that has repercussions throughout the United States. These repercussions fall mostly, but not entirely, on the bodies of black and brown people. Thus the hashtag #blacklivesmatter. Print PDF

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3973299997 c060643281 m1 - Let's Talk About Barriers to Quitting Poverty
Leaping Hurdles

Trained, as I am, as a master’s level social worker, I tend to group barriers into three categories: personal (micro), local (mezzo) and global (macro). From that lens, today I want to talk about what you can and can’t (immediately) change about the circumstances that are keeping you poor. Print PDF

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