On Sewing and UFOs and Unmet Expectations

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In sewing, *UFO= unfinished object

I take the long view in developing a new hobby. I read some blogs and books, I buy supplies, I cringe as I realize that in my ignorance I spent WAY too much for those supplies, I set up a place to work, I dither, I decide I want to work somewhere else, I dither again, I make a couple of simple projects, I plan outrageously complicated projects, I get chicken and make some more simple projects, and then I start expanding my skills.

I have, of course, done all this with regard to knitting, to crochet, and to sewing. I have moved past ‘amateur’ in knitting and crochet, but I am still decidedly a beginner in sewing. I have made two skirts and a really gawdawful hoodie. And I’ve bought enough fabric for an entire wardrobe. Oops.

I have several quilting projects planned. Don’t you? I have a quilting project to use old jeans with a ‘clamshell’ pattern and am planning to build a crazy quilt on a backing of ugly fabric I have no other use for, building it square by square rather than the entire top at one time, from ‘naturally’ acquired scraps. I am still working on (occasionally) my sensory quilt for a boy I know who needs touch.

As far as garment projects, I plan to make a few simple sleeveless and short sleeved tops as ‘wearable muslins’ from fabric I got for almost nothing when I first started sewing, as well as a couple of summer dresses and skirts from the same fabrics. I even have plans for a couple of cotton shorts. All of these projects are quick and easy, the sort I can do a couple a day IF I ever get rolling on them.

I have home decorating goals that include replacing every last one of the ugly thermal curtains with roman shades (using the thermal fabric as backing) on all 30+ windows in the house, as well as creating slipcovers for couch cushions and bar stool cushions and ottomans.

And before I do any of those things, begin any of those projects I’m DYING to start, I have to finish a crocheted afghan (I covered it couple of weeks ago) for a co-worker, and finish the G-d d-m-d M-effing socks for Husband.

Does anyone else have that problem, that you don’t feel free to start a project you want to start because you have a project to have to finish?

If it weren’t for the long view, I’d go crazy. On the plus side, my office is now a functional sewing room, if still not pretty enough for me to take pictures of. I have an easy chair with a lamp for hand sewing projects and crochet and knitting projects, a TV with a game system to deliver Netflix attached, two tall plastic drawer units full of findings and scraps and miscellany, and set ups for mending and cutting and ironing. All in all a good thing.

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