On Food: Yummy Steel Cut Oats with Raspberries

steel cut oats

steel cut oatmeal (Photo credit: LizMarie_AK)

I simmered it on low heat for about fifteen minutes (I got lazy and only stirred a couple of times, but made sure to scrape the bottom when I stirred, and LOW heat). Maybe twenty minutes-- until thick and creamy.

I added a handful of frozen raspberries, a dollop of honey, a dash of allspice, and some cream.

There you have it. Steel cut oats with raspberries

Heavenly! Served with a couple of slices of bacon in a cheap plastic bowl. That's how I roll.

See you all on the flip side.


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  • http://ladyqkat.livejournal.com/ ladyqkat

    Testing and trying to let you know the link seems to have worked.

    BTW - I have been using the Nestle's flavored creamers on my oatmeal lately. I don't keep milk as it doesn't get drunk fast enough here and if I need it for cooking or such, I mix up enough powdered for the recipe.

    The Cinnamon Bun flavor is really good on the oats.

  • https://plus.google.com/108693619196340213261 Maureen O’Danu

    awesome. Glad I got the comments problem fixed. It probably means more moderation, but I'll deal. The flavored creamers sound like a cool idea. I might give that a try.