Oh My! Nook and Nook Books

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Betcha can’t guess from the title what I got for Christmas.

Okay, you win. I got a Nook Color. Which is really awesome. And I have already spent nearly the entire gift card my sons got me to go with it, a few dollars at a time, mostly buying self-published books.

My one complaint about the Nook Color? It’s a freaking Android tablet, and yet they have it freaking locked down so I can’t access the freaking market and download freaking Kindle for Android and access all the OTHER (and cheaper) ebooks I have saved to that account.

The good news? It’ll take about a half hour and the cost of a MicroSD card and adapter to fix that. Bwah ha ha! (Actually, I’ve already done it, but the SD card I have is too small and too slow, so will be done later this week).

I’m doomed. Doomed, I tell you. Turns out there are tons of great books out there, many of them are free or cost less than five bucks apiece, and I essentially have no shelf space limit any longer. I am now going to have to hold a book giveaway weekly for the next million years to clear out my bookcases and reclaim room for yarn. And fabric.  Priorities, you know.

I am SUCH a geek.  Gotta go.  Books to read.


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