Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere is Still Amazing

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[amazon_link id=”0060557818″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ][/amazon_link]Yeah, I know. It’s been out for-ev-er. But I just read it. Because I’m slow that way, and my reading list is long and varied. It used to be a British television show, but I’m an American, so I just watched a couple of snippets on YouTube. The book is clearly better. I hope Mr. Gaiman decides to return to the Neverwhere universe someday and tell us more.

Door. Richard Mayhew. The Marquis de Carabas (yes, that name should be familiar). Croup. Vandemar. Hunter. The Angel Islington. The names alone give you a sense of the otherworldly.

Richard Mayhew is a relatively successful young man engaged to a social climbing, beautiful woman who seeks to help him ‘reach his potential’, when he happens across an injured young girl (Door) in the street and misses an appointment with his fiancee’s boss to help her.

It all goes down hill from there, for Richard. Suddenly, everything he knows about London no longer pertains, and he is thrust into a new world where he doesn’t know the rules and none of the things that have helped him in his life are any use to him, as he finds himself in London Below.

Everything is magical, and nothing is as it appears to be in Neverwhere. Like every hero’s quest story, there is an object, and a quest, and obstacles, and people who help and hinder in the search. But Gaiman’s prose and the rich detailing of London Below make his story stand above others in the genre.

This is a book to read, reread, share with your friends, and pass on to your children. Like all of Gaiman’s books, the alternate universe is fully realized and the characters are multi-dimensional. Pick up a copy at your local library, put it on your ebook, or add it to your bookshelf today.

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