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Three year old me ready for a gunfight. Or maybe a nap.

Am I the Only One Dancing? is Maureen O’Danu’s personal blog. It has a wide ranging habit and sometimes silly subtext, and wants to know if you’re dancing, too. Since the election (selection) of Donald Trump, it is now almost entirely devoted to the Resistance. She is looking forward to the days when writing will be less about survival and more thriving again.

Maureen O’Danu is the writing pseudonym of Jennifer Liles, a licensed clinical social worker, therapist, blogger, and social justice advocate who lives in Independence MO. She has been married for a very long time to her husband, and has two sons. She stole the sense of humor of a fourteen year old boy many years ago, and refuses to give it back. She is a Blue Star mother with her youngest son in the Navy in the Nuclear program.

As Maureen O’Danu:

Am I the Only One Dancing? A personal blog that used to cover self help topics, books, movies, video games, health and fitness, and various nonsense that crosses her mind at any given moment but currently is devoted to restoring democracy to the United States and achieving social justice. It is written from a progressive, feminist, human rights activist perspective (social justice DRUID, thank you very much, not WARRIOR) and also frequently touches on human rights and poverty issues both in regards to specific things people can do to fight these issues for themselves and as an ally, and on systemic things that need to be done to eliminate the problems.

As Jennifer Liles:

Responsive Mental Health Services LLC: A website tied to Jennifer’s private psychotherapy practice that provides resources for therapists and people participating in therapy, as well as information about Jennifer’s practice. It now also has articles for self help, parenting, and general mental health and private practice education.


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