Meme Sauce: Obama’s Daughters Under Guard at School

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meme sauce takes pictorial memes from around the internet and digs a bit deeper

You’ve seen the graphic passed around Facebook and Twitter and Digg and Reddit, and every even vaguely NRA affiliated website on the web. 

That hypocrite! He’s trying to take our guns, and his own daughters go to school with armed guards. You outraged yet?

Don’t be.  First, President Obama does not want your guns. He does want better regulation for more responsible gun ownership, but that’s a whole different kettle of fish.  Gun control did not even hit his agenda until after the Sandy Hook incident, despite many progressives urging him to act since the day he took office.

So if you’re a responsible gun owner who uses your guns lawfully, stop fretting. He’s not pointing any fingers at you.

Second, Obama’s daughters going to school with armed guards is a whole different kettle of fish than your daughters (or my sons) going to school with armed guards. 

  • Do your kids get 24 hour Secret Service protection details for life?
  • Are there several dozen threats against yours and your family’s lives on a daily basis, some of which are credible?
  • If someone were to kidnap or kill your children at their school, would it conceivably create a significant international incident or endanger national security?
Apples and oranges (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No? Then your situation is not the same as the President’s, you are comparing apples to oranges, and you’re making a mountain out of a molehill.

(And if the answer is yes, then you are in a pretty rarefied group that can’t be generalized to the average US citizen, so again, apples and oranges)

By the way (and this is just my curiosity speaking) why do the same people who have repeatedly and loudly protested for some decades now that we are becoming a police state where individuals have no freedoms suddenly want police in every public school in America?

Isn’t that the same police state you keep saying you’re against? And if not, why is it different?

Given the choice, would you rather that there be completely unregulated private ownership of guns and with it, mandated armed police officers in schools, churches, theaters, hospitals, community health centers, and other areas where mass shootings could occur, or would you rather have sensible limits on who can own guns and what guns can be owned? Why?

Are you completely comfortable with the idea that a state who has an armed officer keeping your children under guard at school could and would not use that power for illegitimate purposes? Why or why not?

Also, would you agree with the statement ‘with every right comes an equal and opposite responsibility’? Why or why not?


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