Knit Night: A Tale of Good Intentions

knit night

Darning egg, early 20th century (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning, laying in bed obsessively checking to see who’s my blog, I casually mentioned to my husband that I had a bunch of (bought, not handmade) socks with holes in them, and meant to darn them this weekend. Yes, I know how (and so can you).  Yes, I own a darning egg.  But Elwood’s response tells you more than any of those two facts

He said “I wouldn’t count on you doing that, Honey.”  He said it fairly gently.

“Excuse me?” I said.

“Have you finished my shirt yet?”

Okay, I’m a major procrastinator, especially if something is tedious or time consuming.  Elwood was running low on work shirts, so he had pulled out some old ones from a company he used to work for, and asked me to rip out the embroidery for him.  All about the frugality of it all, I said I would.

When he asked, I thought it would be easy peasy.  I have a seam ripper (I have several, actually.  When I lose one, I just go buy another), so armed with the seam ripper, my knitting thimble, a needle  and a pair of tweezers, I set to work.

I put it down after five minutes.  Machine embroidery stitches are tiny, I wear bifocals, and my eyes were aching.

Elwood kept asking me if I was done with his shirts.

“Not yet,” I replied.  “I haven’t had time.”  Which was a bald-faced lie.  I had time, I was just avoiding doing it.

I’m so good I don’t even look down when I lie.  He knew, anyway.

So here it comes, the weekend, and he’s home.  He borrows one of my seam rippers, turns on the TV to the Food Network, and starts ripping embroidery. He breaks one seam ripper doing it, so I hand him another, sturdier one.  By Sunday evening, he’s done.
I’d done this much

So, I took the work to Knit Night (it’s called Knit Night, but we are busy, creative people.  We’ve done everything from crocheting, spinning, winding yarn into balls, doing math homework, critiquing photographs, and even, occasionally, knitting).  By the end of the evening, I had gotten this far.

knit night

Oh, I’ll get the stupid embroidery finished.  I might even get it done today.  But am I going to darn socks this weekend?

No, almost certainly not.



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