Knit Book Club: Vampire Knits by Genevieve Miller

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The patterns and pictures in Vampire Knits (who are we kidding, knitting books are just picture books for grown women) are so luscious that I almost forgive the author for believing that Twilight is not just legitimate vampire fiction, but preferable vampire fiction. Almost.

I will be 45 years old in August, but my inner Goth girl squees at some of the outre but not too outre accessories in the book (which is filled almost entirely with relatively quick to knit accessories and even a few non-clothing items). I will be knitting the Pulse Protectors cowl and fingerless gloves (though I’ll probably add fingers). They’re both warm and beautiful. If you’re a true Goth, the Sidhe lace gloves (in black, purple, or blood red, of course) would be right up your alley. There’s even a corset for those who are fond of Drusilla in Buffy (now there’s a vampire to admire!), with a very interesting inelastic stitch pattern. It’s probably more properly a stomacher, but in any case, its something that would be great for Ren Fest or those of us who occasionally step out of the dictates of mundane fashion.

Prim Reaper’s Corset

There’s plenty of stuff for the guys here, too, including a beautiful distressed sweater, Love Bites (that’s kind of unisexed, actually) and paw print fingerless mitts. Also, a really nifty scarf with a “blood” pattern running through it. Great not only for Goths, but for your neighborhood Zombie run.

Some of the patterns are even great for kids, including the werewolf hat, some of the scarves and at least one capelet. There is even an adorable sweater with fangs for a toothsome little beastie.

Scattered throughout the book are references to vampire and werewolf lore, and other than the fact that entirely too much of it is Twilight related, it is both entertaining and well tied to the patterns.

There is one pattern in the book that I think every knitter should learn, even though it’s crochet, for those “last minute OMG what do I do now” moments. When you have a female friend or acquaintance that really needs something handmade, but you don’t have all the time in the world, you can make them something beautiful. It’s the Glamour Earrings and Sangria bracelet set. You could make either, or both, in an hour or two, and have a unique gift for your friend.

Finally, in refutation of all the Twilightness in the book, I offer up this:

.. Not scared, not intrigued.  Bored.  Staking you now.  The end.


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