Knit Book Club: Glam Knits

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Cover of Glam Knits: 25 Designs For Luxe Yarns

Good knitting books always bring me happiness, so I’m sharing my joy with you.Glam Knits by Stefanie Japel is one of those knit books that stays in your “go to” file long after other books from the same time period are relegated to the ‘too out of fashion to use’ file. The patterns are a combination of the sort of timeless sweater wear and show-stoppers that women with a feel for the dramatic can wear any time.

The focus of the book is on sexy, sensual yarns paired with sexy, softly touchable sweaters and accessories. Many of the designs are wearable every day, while others are for special occasions, when you want to wow someone. I have several on my ‘to knit’ list (which seems impossibly long right now), including the Lace Mini-Dress, which looks more like an open-work tunic designed to wear over a dress or camisole and pants, and which combines the openwork with structured collar, cuffs, and seamwork to hold down the floatiness a bit.

The Lace Skirt is definitely on my ‘to knit’ list as well. Come to think of it, I should probably bump it up a bit, as it looks like a quick knit, and I need a couple of cute summer skirts to wear around (the one in the book is 100% silk, but I think I might make one from that silky bamboo that everyone’s selling these days).

Cover via Amazon

The Bamboo Tunic is the third on my list on ‘to knit’ items. It really is more of a mini-dress, and since its knitted from the top down, could be made even longer. I can see myself putting it on, throwing on a pair of flats, and heading out for a day on the town, then (if I wore heels, which I don’t) putting on my heels to go dancing. Luscious.

Japel has divided the patterns in the Glam Knits into three categories: Supereasy, Medium, and Challenge. Coming off of working out of French Girl Knits, even the Challenge knits don’t seem that bad, and Japel is not nearly as fond of kitchener stitch as Kristeen Griffin-Grimes is.

the Circle Shrug from Glam Knits

Glam Knits is beautifully illustrated, and the patterns are modeled by women who look like they’re really, really enjoying themselves. Nearly all of the patterns go up to a size 52” bust or greater, and the models

reflect the idea that women with curves can look really, really luscious. Stefanie also did a feature on her blog showing how the designs look on ‘real women’ (meaning her).  Just so you know, they look great.

But (and this is a big but) the publisher, North Light Books, did not see fit to use even one model that was older than her twenties or definitely non-Caucasian. Really? C’mon. I can’t count the number of super sexy, gorgeous older women and women of color that should have been represented here. At the very least, we as women should be advocating for all women to be represented in publications meant for us, even if we can’t get very far advocating for their inclusion in publications market to larger audiences.

Despite the publisher’s blunder, this book is a definite buy-and-keep. Perhaps even a buy one for yourself, and buy one for lending. Really.

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