It’s Garden Dreams Day! This Year in the Garden

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Every February I start getting the “I’m going to do it right this year” itch with regard to my landscaping and gardening.

Here are my Garden Dreams:

This year, I tell myself, I won’t stop weeding when the thermometer hits 100 degrees (Fahrenheit, obviously, for those of you who use sensible scales).

This year, I’ll finally invest in enough mulch and shovel enough compost that I’ll have splendiferous vegetables and gorgeous flowers.

This year, my dog won’t eat every rose bush I plant. (She wins. I have no actual intention of planting roses until she crosses the Rainbow bridge).

This year, my lawn will be overseeded with flowers and clover and other things ‘sensible’ people don’t want in their lawns, and it will be gorgeous.

This year I will figure out why every single time I plant any member of the squash family, it becomes overwhelmed with fungus, no matter where I plant it.

(Or maybe, this year I’ll give up on organic and spray one of my beds to death with an anti-fungal so that I can beat the cycle.)

This year I’ll actually harvest the vegetables I manage to grow to maturity in a timely manner.

This year I’ll start my seeds early with plenty of light so none of my seedling are leggy.

This year I’ll set up a ‘garden center’ somewhere in my house so I’m not constantly losing my gloves and hand tools.

This year my herb plants will successfully overwinter.

This year I’ll be consistent about putting all my kitchen garbage (except the meat and fat) into the compost.

This year I’ll finally buy a hammock with a canopy for afternoon naps.

This year I’ll actually use my rain barrels for something other than mosquito breeders.

This year (yes it’s related) I’ll finally bully Husband into hanging downspouts.

This year I’ll finally clean out the shed and run electricity to it so it’s usable.

This year I’ll set up a potting center near the garden for outside tools and containers.

This year I’ll beat the poison ivy into submission. Without going to work even once with a rash on my face or hands.

This year I’ll have fresh strawberries and raspberries and blackberries in season.

This year I’ll finally plant those miniature fruit trees for my ‘orchard’ that I really don’t have room for.
This year I’ll build my chicken coop and buy my chickens. And maybe a rabbit for Angora wool. Or a goat. I could milk a goat.

This year my family will not threaten to disown me for my husbandry goals.

This year I’ll can and freeze and dry and all that jazz.

This year my mother will reform from the specks of ash and dust that are spread across the sea, smile at me, and say, “It’s about time!”. Or just laugh at me. Because she knows me.

What are your garden dreams? What are you doing to make them come true?

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