[Infographic] Equal Education, Equal Pay: Closing the Gender Wage Gap

Mind the gap: how women have to work until tod...

Mind the gap: how women have to work until today to earn what men did last year (Photo credit: European Parliament)

In my opinion, it’s pretty disgusting that we’re still having to have this conversation about equal pay. It’s a crime and a travesty. Do I have to mention that it bugs the crap out of me that I have six years of college and make less money per year than my husband does with a trade school certification?

How do equal pay issues affect you and your family? Are you a single mother? Are you a retired woman who has a smaller piece of the social security pie because you made less through your life? Are you standing by and watching men you trained getting promoted above you? Are you a woman of color who is dealing with the double whammy of systemic racism and sexism?

Some of the stand out equal pay statistics below are that women systemically perform better in college, and yet still don’t achieve equal pay — and that if women were paid as much as men for the same work, the GDP (gross domestic product) would greatly improve.

Did you get that? Equal pay is an economic benefit to all of us, not just women. Make some noise, folks.

Equal Pay

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