Highlighting an Amazing Star Trek Fan Fiction Story

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It’s not a secret that I was not enthralled by the latest reboot of the Star Trek universe.  I gave my reasons here, and won’t rehash them.  But in my opinion, one of the most wonderful things about the Star Trek universe is the playground it provides for creative minds all over the world. Famous authors such as David Gerrold and Diane Duane and Laurell K Hamilton and Simon Hawke have all played in the officially licensed universe, and hundreds or even thousands of fans have created fan fiction in the universe as well. Today I stumbled upon a wonderful short fan fiction that highlights Nyota Uhura, (h/t tigerbright) with Spock in a supporting role, based in the reboot version of the Star Trek universe.  It gives me hope for the new paradigm.  Here’s an excerpt:

“When in doubt, just keep talking. “I’m going to take another step forwards now.” Her tricorder was beeping, telling her that she was about to breach the personal space of the nearest of them. “Uh, if you don’t want me to, I hope you can indicate it in some way.” Abruptly, she sneezed, and cursed herself inwardly for it – and then became aware of a distinct smell of lemons. Thinking quickly, she stepped backwards – and suddenly there was rotting meat in her nostrils, all the harsh immediacy of carrion. Thinking, she sat down on the ground, cross-legged, and the mist curled around her and smelled somewhere between porridge and azalea flowers.”

Go read the rest.  It’s amazing.  Someone needs to give loneraven a book contract.

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