Hi, I’m Back (or in the Process of it)

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So, life is a process, they say…

(Photo credit: peasap)

Lots of things on the agenda for the next few months, including process reviews and thoughts about Hugo nominees, thoughts about current events, my daily “accountability posts” which I’m going to come up with a nifty new name for (maybe go back to “Daily Dance” or something like it), and writings about stuff I get asked about a lot, either personally or professionally.

Part of the reason for the slight shift is personal. I found that I had moved my blogging to Facebook, because it was convenient, and because I was using it to do the thinking and noodling and pondering and reorganizing I do constantly in order to stay functional and juggle all the issues in my life.

Part of it is professional. I am slowly returning to the writing business, and following a process, and a series of habits, is useful for that. As always, I will write wide ranging articles about lots of different things, from different angles.

I would love to hear your ideas about topics to write about. No guarantee I’ll take you up on it, but hey, you never know.

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