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Happy Birthday Jane Austen [videos]

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Jane Austen

My intent today was to review all the Austenalia I have read this year and have a discussion about why Jane Austen still engages so many of us and why her ‘fan fic’ is so commercially viable… but my chronic pain is flaring today, as chronic pain sometimes does, and I don’t have the emotional energy for that. (Sorry). So instead I have found some gems on Youtube for you about Jane Austen and her works, including the wonderful Jane Austen Fight Club and other fan fics.  Enjoy!

First, here is a beautifully done visual Biography of Jane Austen set to music that could easily be used for a meditation.

And a Tour of Jane Austen’s Home at Chawton for those who would have to get in a ship or airplane to visit it (again with lovely piano music as a backdrop) …

And here is a longer, narrated video about The Ghost at Chawton, which is believed to be Jane Austen. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, it’s an interesting video.

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And a much lengthier biography with layers of puns in the title: The Many Lovers of Jane Austen. Part one is shown. Parts 2, 3, 4, and 5 are at the links.

On a lighter note, Jane Austen is my Homegirl is a music video with shades of Downton Abbey (OMG this is funny!)

And heres another music video by Holly Christina, this one more in the singer/songwriter style, titled Jane Austen and very pretty


As promised, here is the Jane Austen Fight Club. Don’t forget rule number one.

Finally, here’s a little cheesecake for you all… Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth variety) getting all wet for true love in Pride and Prejudice.

Edited to add: The one plus of having major formatting issues and yet again having to learn more about CSS and using WordPress is that I stumbled upon this gem with Emma Thompson accepting her Golden Globe for Sense and Sensibility and Pretending to be Jane Austen.


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