Fun Read: Night of the Living Dandelion

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[amazon_link id=”0451233018″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ][/amazon_link]Abby Knight has a flower shop, a sprained ankle, a hunky fiance who may be called back to active duty soon, and a bit of a problem. You see, hunky fiance has a friend by the name of Vlad. From Romania. And since Vlad has shown up in town rumors of vampirism are flying everywhere. And there’s that murder by exsanguination.

Sometimes you want to read something deep and spiritual and thought provoking, and sometimes you want to read the literary equivalent of cotton candy. Night of the Living Dandelion: A Flower Shop Mystery by Kate Collins is sweet, sticky, gloriously goofy rainbow colored literary cotton candy.

Is it an urban fantasy or isn’t it? If I told you, it’d be a spoiler. So I won’t. It is a mystery with a hint of romance and a cast of interesting if somewhat predictably middle class and white characters. And there are lots of potential murderers, too. And guardian teenagers. Teenaged girls with vivid imaginations and a thing for fangs.

Definitely a nice book for curling up on a crisp day near the fire or under an electric blanket. And don’t forget the cotton candy.


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