Early Morning Mindfulness Pause


(A mindfulness meditation exercise. Get comfortable, and begin).

Shh! Close your eyes again, and now wake up slowly. Imagine.

It is the hour before the dawn. There are a few birds chirping.

You hear a car drive by, but only one, and its very quiet, as if it is trying not to wake you.

Someone has brewed coffee. You smile, knowing it will still be hot when you get up.

But not yet. 

365/220 The meaning of mindfulness, Aug. 08, 2011

Relax. You have plenty of time.


Someone’s dog is barking, and then it stops.

Do you remember that last dream you had? How could it have been better?



Breathe deep.

In through your nose, out through your mouth.

And again.

And again. A slow count of four.

What do you hear?


What is touching you?

Clinical research shows Buddhist mindfulness t...

What are you touching?

Are you hot or cold?

Relax the muscles of your forehead.

Work your way down, slowly.

One muscle at a time.

In a few moments it will be time to face your day, but before you do, relax every muscle.














Let all the remaining tension flow out the bottom of your feet and away, down, into the earth.

Count to five, or maybe ten, and open your eyes.

Are you ready?

How does your day feel now?

Visualizing mindfulness (366/194 July 12, 2012)

(Mindfulness takes practice, and this is only an example. The key is to breathe, relax, let your thoughts go, and just be in the moment. There is no judgment in mindfulness, only what is and what isn’t. Try it a few times, when your chronic pain is acting up, or you feel the beginnings of a panic attack, or a wave of depression washes over you. Keep working with it until you find a practice that works for you. Petting a kitten is mindfulness. So is eating an orange slowly, with attention. Find your own.)

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