Daily Dance: Tell Us About Your Moments of Joy

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The video below is a moment of joy I found on Facebook yesterday. Boy did I need it! I’d had an exhausting, craptastic day (doing something inherently stressful, not personal family stress) and needed a pick me up. It helped. A lot. The video is of an adorable little girl competing against an older boy in a breakdancing contest. When you are having a rough day, watch this video:

… many thanks to the amazing and talented (and Nebula nominated) Nora Jemsin for pointing this out. Don’t you feel better now? If that didn’t work, try Texts From Dog Here is a representative sample:


Still not feeling it? Whose smile makes you light up? Is there a smell that brings on the joy? What about a voice? A piece of music? A book? Something outside or inside your house that you look at every day? If you thought this post would be about telling you to share joy by deeply exploring every facet of your life, or giving away half your world goods, sorry. That’s not where I’m at today. I’m talking about moments of joy. Seconds, or maybe minutes. Occasionally the length of a great book or movie. A laugh out of nowhere, a shared smile. A hug. A wink. A smell that bowls you over in a good way. A flower blooming in an unexpected place. A call out of the blue from an old friend or lover. This is the kind of joy you can share even on totally crappy days, so long as you have a cat that purrs, or a dog that wags its tail, or a cup of good coffee that smells scrumptious, or even a good view of a sunset or a moon rising. This is the kind of joy that doesn’t necessarily make the bad stuff go away, but merely distracts you for a little bit. The kind that makes you remember that somewhere in-between seriously crappy moments that litter our lives, hope continues to sprout and grow. This is ‘pick me up’ kind of joy rather than the kind that involves harps and angels and clouds. This is the kind that, if you get good enough, can eventually lead to deep lasting happiness, but doesn’t necessarily start from there. Today’s dance helps you find those moments and use them to make the crappy moments they co-exist with to be more bearable:

  • Do you have daily moments of joy? Do you create them yourself, or do they just happen? What are they?
  • In the interest in helping other people, what are some of the moments of joy that have worked for you in the past?
  • Do your moments of joy involve electronics? Nature? Food? People? Quiet? Clothes? A hobby?
  • Who do you share your moments of joy with? How do you share them?
  • What percentage of the stuff you like and share on Facebook is quick little pick me ups that had you grinning ear to ear?
  • How much do your moments of joy improve days with high craptitude? Medium craptitude? Low craptitude?
  • What things that bring you joy are actually good for you? Which are things that you have to enjoy in moderation?
  • Have you developed a habit of looking for moments of joy when things get really bad, or is that too much for you? Why or why not?
  • Does anticipation of something you truly enjoy help you get through something that sucks but is necessary? Why or why not?
  • What makes you cynical about joy? How much salt do you need to appreciate the sugar of happiness?
  • What moments of joy are completely free for you? Which ones involve a bit of cash outlay? What moments of joy are luxuries you splurge on now and again?

I think that today’s dance is especially valuable for sharing. If you would, please answer a few of these questions, or simply list something that gives you joy. Someone out there could have their day made because you did. Pass this on and share the joy using the share buttons below.

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  • Grief and Joy (araparisien.wordpress.com)
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