Chick Lit Book Club: “A Scoundrel’s Captive’ (Some Books Need Warning Labels)

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—Fortunately, Smart Bitches, Trashy Books obliges.   (if you can stand it, read the entire article.  I wouldn’t advise actually reading the A Scoundrel’s Captive,unless you’re a masochist, and then, whatever).  This is why Goddess made feminists.  Really, folks, who thinks plots like these are publishable?

Here I am, working to write good stuff, and drivel like this gets published.  And sold.  And read.  What the eff???  Smart Bitches breaks it down really, really well, at the post.  So go ahead, read it, come back and see where I’m going with all this.

To be plain, the relationship outlined in the post at the link is the classic abuser story.  He keeps her off balance deliberately, shows no respect for her boundaries, and treats her like property. And. Rapes. And. Kidnaps. Her. Repeatedly.  And the whole danged town just

Cover of The Quiet Man (Collector’s Edition)

lets him do it.  Makes you think of that scene where John Wayne pulls Maureen O’Hara through the town by her hair  in The Quiet Man, but less entertaining. Leaves you wanting to tell the heroine to just shoot the jackass in the head and go work at the brothel already.

I like trashy books just as much as the next smart bitch.  But there’s trash, and there’s trash.  I just finished reading Shameful Secret Shotgun Wedding (which I picked off the library shelf because of the amazing alliterative title), and while the “hero” is a jerk, he’s not a rapist, just a male chauvinist pig who you eventually discover is just another sad case of Patriarchy Hurts Men Too.

That’s good trashy.  He’s the kind of hero a good feminist might decide would be fun to mess around with — right after you warn your nice innocent friend (who is just like the heroine) how bad a guy he is.  This guy isn’t going to rape you, because his ego is all wrapped up in how good a lover he is.  If you don’t say yes, and mean it, he loses.  That’s the kind of egotistical jackass that should be in trashy romance.  The kind that’s good for a toss in the hay.

What do you want to bet the author of  A Scoundrel’s Captive posted about at Smart Bitches is a man with a female pseudonym, who sold the idea to a male agent, who sold the idea to a male publisher, all of whom have absolutely no clue what turns a woman on?  Bets, anyone? (ETA: No, she’s a woman.  Sorry about that.)

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